Effective IT Support for Accounting Firms

It’s not a secret that financial compliance and regulatory standards are constantly under the spotlight at accounting firms. Your clients count on you to get the numbers right. There’s no room for errors, especially when it comes to your technology. You need more than simple checks and balances – you need an entire IT ecosystem that is serving you and your clients well.

The trust and credibility you’ve built with your customers is the foundation of your business. It’s no time to cut corners or put off the investments needed to get your IT infrastructure right. Are you 100% confident your systems are as robust, secure, and safe as they need to be?

If not, the time to achieve that peace of mind is now.

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Solutions You Can Depend On

At Proactive, we not only help exceed standards and compliance, but leverage our proven processes to ensure your tech is at the cutting edge and also keeping your customer data protected.

Some of the ways we help position you for the future:

  • Inventory and audit your existing tech stack and ecosystem.
  • Create a sound IT management strategy for today and into the future.
  • Better handle on client financial records that keeps them safe and secure.
  • Monitor and improve data, performance, and password management.
  • Focus on encryption and security.
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory statutes.
  • Enhance the client experience through automation and workflows.

Custom Programs to Fit Your Goals

Each of the clients we help have a unique set of requirements. We work with the largest accounting firms, small to mid-size financial agencies, and everyone in-between. Regardless of your size, we always spend the time necessary to learn about your processes and business rules so that our solutions are bespoke to you what you really need. We tailor our it support solutions to your timing, budget and scope.

Some of the accounting systems we work with include:

  • Simple Fund
  • Corporate Affairs System (CAS)
  • Accounting Practice Software (APS)
  • Reckon Accounts
  • Xero
  • MYOB

And this isn’t just about today. This is about future-proofing your systems to be flexible and scalable moving forward. It’s a three-phase process:

1) Understanding where you are today.
2) Determining what the next phase of your technology looks like.
3) Planning and setting up contingencies for all that can shift and change in the years to come.

If there is one thing we know, it’s that the only constant in tech is change.

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