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Business VoIP Phone Systems

Business VoIP services are essential to staying connected. Communication is an integral part of any successful business, big or small. That’s why we make sure organisations have the most efficient, integrated and user-friendly communication systems available.

We Get Melbourne Businesses Connected with Advanced VoIP Phone Systems Powered by the Cloud

Traditional phone systems are a costly relic of the past. Today’s cloud PBX systems are cheaper, more flexible and easier to use. The right business phone solution can take communication to the next level by improving collaboration, boosting productivity, increasing mobility and enhancing customer relationships.

Business Telephony Solutions
Business Telephony Solutions

Enhance your business communication and streamline collaboration with our resiliant and scalable 3CX business telephony solutions.

VoIP Phone Systems

Reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology facilitates internet-based voice communication, ideal for small businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective phone systems.

Virtual Cloud PBX
Virtual / Cloud PBX

A hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system that handles call routing, voicemail, and other phone system features without the need for physical hardware on-site.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Meredith Lewis
Meredith Lewis
26 July 2022
I have a very antiquated computer and software and Proactive have saved me more than once. I cannot speak highly enough of the service they provide.
Cathy Dowden
Cathy Dowden
16 October 2020
truly helpful and friendly response
Andrew Mackenzie
Andrew Mackenzie
13 October 2020
After contacting a few other IT crowds during Covid, none were able to find a solution to my issue with remote sessions.. Enter Proactive IT. Problem solved in less than an hour.
13 August 2020
Great service provided, with a thorough understanding of out IT system and needs. This group is truly proactive dealing with potential issues before becoming problematic.
John Temelli
John Temelli
10 September 2019
Great business and always fixing pc issues as soon as they arise and as soon as they can. After 20 years of it headaches they are just my go to fixit now. Couldn't be happier .
Marlin Medical
Marlin Medical
10 April 2019
We have worked closely with Proactive IT Solutions for many years. Proactive IT provide fantastic service and the team are always friendly and helpful, providing excellent support and advice within a short timeframe. We would have no hesitation recommending them.
Gabrielle Jenkins
Gabrielle Jenkins
10 April 2019
Proactive are attentive; I send them an email when I have an issue and receive a quick reply, they are very efficient. Their whole system for support and problem solving is uncomplicated and effortless. I feel I understand what is going on and what they are doing to help rectify any issues we have at any given time.
Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler
9 April 2019
We have partnered with the team at Proactive for IT Solutions for many years and would highly recommend their service and support. We couldn't run our business systems without them. Acacia Group
Tass Dimis
Tass Dimis
9 April 2019
highly recommend using Proactive IT for your business needs, they are professional, efficient, reliable and their work standards are high, I am always confident that they will complete our support inquiries in a short turn around. The consultants and Admin staff are friendly and easy to talk to.
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Powerful Phone Systems That Are Connected to The Cloud

Proactive proudly partners with 3CX to offer a complete system with all the bells and whistles.

This smartphone integrates with other platforms, such as Google and Office 365.

Whether onsite, on the move or working remotely, employees will have full access to low-cost phone communication from their mobiles and computers with seamless integration across devices.

It will become a key part of day-to-day operations, and it’s quite possible you may even wonder how you lived without it!

What’s Possible With Our VoIP Telephony Solutions?

IP Phones

Receive a hardware device designed for making and receiving VoIP calls, connected via an ethernet connection.


Access software apps that allow staff to make and receive VoIP calls using their computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

Unified Communications
Unified Communications

Integrate communication channels, including voice, video, instant messaging, and collaboration tools, into a single platform or system.

Auto Attendant

A pre-recorded virtual receptionist that greets callers and provides menu options to route calls to the desired destination or provide information.

Call Queuing

Place incoming calls in a queue when all available lines or staff are busy, ensuring callers wait in an organised manner until an member of your team becomes available.

Call Recording

Record and store voice conversations for training, quality assurance, compliance, or documentation purposes.

Call Forwarding

Redirect incoming calls to alternate numbers or devices, ensuring calls are answered even when users are not at their desks.

Conference Calling

Allow multiple participants to join a single call simultaneously, facilitating meetings, group discussions and collaboration.


Convert voicemail messages into audio files and send to designated email addresses, enabling staff to access and manage their voicemails conveniently.

Call Analytics

Generate detailed reports and insights on your call metrics, such as call volume, call duration, and quality, to monitor and optimise phone system performance.

Mobile Integration

Integrate with mobile devices, allowing staff to make and receive calls using their smartphones or tablets as if they were calling from the landline number.

CRM Integration

Integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software, enabling automated call logging, screen pops with caller information, and improved customer interactions.

Enhance Your Team’s Communication Capabilities

As a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) provider, Proactive takes care of all communication requirements.

Our advanced system removes the need to buy expensive hardware and software, pay for installation or manage and operate the system in-house.

These solutions enable everyone to work smarter, not harder and allow users to stay connected when they are not in the office via all the awesome capabilities it offers.

To see how a Proactive 3CX phone system can boost communication capabilities, just get in touch. Set up is a breeze and will take almost no time at all!

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