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We offer premium IT support services across Melbourne. Specialising in managed services, network support, cyber security & cloud computing solutions. We apply a human-centric approach with our partnerships & offer expertise in current and emerging technologies.

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Proactive Technology Partners was established in 2002 with the aim of making a tangible impact on our customer’s lives. We are proud to have collaborated with a large number of exceptional small and medium-sized enterprises in Melbourne and its surround suburbs, facilitating positive technology migrations and cloud transformations.

Small Business IT Support

We’re approachable technology enthusiasts who prioritise human interaction.

Managed IT Support

A genuine strategic alliance that strives to enhance your business’s potential.

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IT Consulting

A wealth of knowledge and experience on existing and upcoming technologies.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

I have had really good correspondence and communication with everyone from Proactive. They are very prompt with any issues that I have had and getting things resolved hasn’t been an issue for them. I have been dealing with Damien quite a bit and he is great; he is a really friendly guy, he is easy to talk to and that makes things run seamlessly. They are upfront with their fees, there are no hidden costs and everything is pretty clear.

Benjamin, BV Advisory

They are great to deal with and I am very happy with Proactive. I find them to be very responsive to all our needs and they have the knowledge to be able to solve issues; they work well to keep what I need at the forefront of what I am looking for. I can lodge a call and I will get an immediate response. Honestly, I have no complaints because they do what they can to get me on the right track and nothing is a drama for them.

Andrew S., Careline Connections

They are easy to deal with, they are prompt and I think Heather is really good too; she usually answers the phone really quickly and she is polite. When I lodge a ticket they respond quickly, they have set up the phone and internet for me and they have done a good job of that, and they supplied all the hardware as well. They are happy to spend time explaining what needs to be done and why, so I am pretty happy with their overall service.

Andrew G., Hear In Karingal

We have been dealing with them for just under a year now and I am very happy with them. We struggled to find a good IT company and they meet every requirement because they have responded to everything single little thing. They always call back, they are knowledgeable about their systems and they just provide excellent customer service.

Jennie, Melbourne Implant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

I am very pleased with them because they are always willing to help me out when I need it. They are all very pleasant and always there for me and I have no problems with those boys at all. They always solve my problems and I never hang up the phone without a problem being solved and if they can’t solve it, they will go away and find the solution and call me back. We have been working together for a long time so we have a very good working relationship with Proactive.

Sally, HRCAV

They are responsive; we don’t call on them that often, but when we do for our IT support desk, they are very responsive and they get onto things immediately. They are reasonable value for money and they are transparent with their prices; if we call them up, they provide support as per our agreement of 15 minutes at a time, and they let us know when we’re reaching that limit and then provide a quote for further works before they actually do the work. They are professional and overall we are really happy with them, and I have referred them to a couple of people as well.

Edmond O., Richmond Hill Capital

They are very professional, they deal with us on a full time scale and provide us with technical support whenever we need it. I have been dealing with them for the last fifteen years so we have developed a very good relationship. Heather is great; she is the receptionist there and she does a great job, she answers the phone quickly and pushes jobs through for us and follows up on things as well.

Andrew, Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy

They are brilliant to deal with because they know our business and what we need. They are very responsive to calls, questions and can pretty much solve all of our issues when we have any. They are always on time too, so when they say they will call back they always do, therefore I find them very reliable.

Frank S., EnviroPrint Group

We have been with them since day one, so we’ve been dealing with them for many years and we are very happy with them. They are actually quite efficient whenever we have a query, so when we send through a request to them, they come back to us rather quickly and that’s exactly what we like. They usually get back to us within 24 hours which is excellent.

Ivana, Value Wealth

I actually brought Proactive over as I was dealing with them previously at another company, so that should say something! They are really responsive, so they get back to us on the same day and they try heaps of different things to fix the issues. They are really flexible as well, so if we need them to come in they will do so after hours if needed. They are really helpful and they never leave an issue unresolved which is really good.

Jess G., Solutions Won

They are incredibly responsive to all of our needs as they arise, their service is consistent and reliable and they don’t bullsh*t you like a lot of other IT companies tend to do . They are also all about fixing the problems rather than creating more problems for us. They provide us with honest advice and they are all really easy to work with.

Charles C., Eastern Volunteers Resource Centre

They always do what they say they’re going to do, they are very responsive and they actually speak to us and listen to what we have to say. They talk to us to understand where we’re at so they’re really good to deal with. Damien and Chris in particular are excellent; when I send them an email I get a response straight away so there is no waiting around and no uncertainty.

Fulvia , Trend Bathrooms

They know our system very well because we have been with them for over 18 years. They know how we work and what we require so they know exactly what needs to be done to solve an issue. The guys from Proactive are really nice and friendly to deal with. When there is an issue they take the time to explain what it is and what they have done to solve the issue.

Rohan, Fisher Roofing

They are dependable and we count on them 100%. We have been using them for over 15 years and they have been very helpful and supportive over those years. When we have issues they are on top of things for us and no matter what we require, they are there for us. They are switched on and they know exactly what needs to be done; they just take care of everything for us when it comes to IT.

Nancy P., Productology
The owner of Proactive, Damien, talking to a colleague

Customised IT Support Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Running a successful business requires more than luck. It takes the right IT partner who understands your unique needs and is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

By investing in our IT support services, you can trust that you’ll have access to the most dependable partners in the industry.

  • A genuine strategic partnership that empowers businesses to achieve more.
  • Knowledgeable experts who prioritise a human and enjoyable experience.
  • Extensive expertise and up-to-date information on current, new, and emerging technologies.

What IT Services & Solutions Can We Offer?

System Administration

Comprehensive computer system and network management services, including user account management, software installation, and system updates.

Help Desk Support

We offer a centralised service desk offering IT support and assistance to users for all their IT-related problems and inquiries.


We provide expert technical support to help users troubleshoot and fix any computer system or software issues they may face.

Patch Management

Complete management and maintenance for servers, desktops, and software, ensuring optimal performance, security, and user assistance in IT support.

Remote & Onsite Support

We offer a high first call resolution with our expert helpdesk to address technical issues and challenges faced by users, both on-site and remotely.

Easy Ticketing System

Our support ticket system efficiently tracks & manages customer requests using ticket identifiers, ensuring exceptional customer service.

Hardware Support

Comprehensive computer hardware support, including setup, and decommissioning services, ensuring proper disposal of data to prevent theft & environmental impact.

Software Support

We offer comprehensive support for computer software issues, including operating systems, applications, software programs, as well as software installation and upgrades.

Networking Design

Expert help for network problems, including troubleshooting connectivity issues, setting up routers and switches, and resolving network-related issues.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data backup and recovery services to ensure the safety and restoration of important information in case of emergencies.

Security Solutions

Comprehensive security measures and tools to safeguard computer systems and networks against unauthorised access, viruses, malware, and threats.

Print & Scanning

We provide hassle-free print & scanner MFD services for the installation & management of drivers, queues and computer discovery.

Damien, the owner of Proactive, in a meeting room

Avoid Surprises with Expert-Level Analysis – Ensure Your IT Solutions are Accurate

We specialise in providing a wide range of IT services to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of technology systems. Our expert team offers comprehensive solutions for software and hardware installation, including assistance with setting up new computers, installing applications, and general IT support.

We are dedicated professionals who provide quality tech support, troubleshooting, and ongoing technology support to ensure that systems are always up and running. Our break/fix services allow us to swiftly address any problems that may arise.

Contact us today for a free quote and stop worrying about your IT systems. With our exceptional services and expertise, we will ensure that your technology experience is seamless and hassle-free.

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