Proactive offers managed IT services and break-fix outsourcing to Melbourne SMB, healthcare providers, accountants and more. With around-the-clock monitoring and IT service, rest assured issues will be caught and remediated before they become huge problems. Our goal is to help customers stop worrying about tech issues. Get back the focus needed to rocket business to the next level of growth. Our strategic approach offers custom options that create a simple and hassle-free experience.

Managed IT Services for Melbourne Businesses and Healthcare Providers
Strategic Solutions

With our collective experience, be confident that your systems are on cutting-edge platforms that simply work just right.

Managed IT Services
Real-Time Monitoring

With daily maintenance and around-the-clock monitoring, expect quick response times whenever an issue arises.

IT Service
Bespoke Protection

Have assurance that all systems are safeguarded and defended with extensive security and backup solutions.

Managed IT Services Melbourne, VIC

Dedicated Managed Services

As we know, having, and keeping, a successful business is not easy. It doesn’t just happen by chance. Organisations need an IT partner who understands their specific requirements, and will work hard to help achieve business goals. When you invest in managed services from our knowledgeable team, have peace of mind that you’ll have access to the most reliable partners around. When engaged with us, enjoy the benefits of:

  • A true strategic partnership, focused on empowering businesses to do more.
  • Friendly experts who keep it human – and fun!
  • A wealth of expertise and information on current, new and emerging technology.

At Proactive, we like to keep it real and build genuine relationships with all of our customers. If we can’t make a customer’s day better, simply put, we are doing something wrong. So whether you are experiencing a specific problem, or just looking for strategic advice, give us a call today!


Always-On Managed IT Services

Business leaders should not have to worry when it comes to making sure their organisation is ready for anything – that’s our job. It’s simply not enough to just have the right tools in place. They all must work together cohesively to run at peak performance. Because of this, our quick response times keep you ahead of the game!

Managed Services Melbourne

Proactive saved me! The business I work for went offline and our current IT company ignored us. We called, and a technician was at my workplace within half an hour and had both our offices running better than we ever have seen for a very long time!

Brendan Bywaters, Harcourts Wantirna Real Estate
IT Support Solutions
I definitely would recommend them; I’ve actually got a background in IT myself, so I know good work when I see it. They’re so great with their communication, always responding to any requests and making sure things are addressed as quickly as possible. We know we can rely on them any time, and that’s very important.
Tass Dimitracopoulos, BAM
Managed Services Melbourne

They always work really, really quickly, so whenever we have issues with the computers we know we’ll be back up and running in no time at all. They actually want to get the problem solved; they don’t just give it one shot and then leave it. Furthermore, they make sure it’s resolved and doesn’t happen again.

Jessica George, Noel Jones Real Estate
Network Managed IT Services, Melbourne, Victoria

IT Service to Keep Systems Going

Accurately implemented solutions can also make a significant difference when it matters most. Our expert-level analysis addresses all missing functionality, so there are never any surprises. When something is required, it gets done right then and there. Our on-call team ensures systems are always online, fully functional and protected at all times. Give us a call for a free quote, and never worry about your IT again.

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