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Our experienced team are experts at developing and implementing IT strategies that have a positive impact on businesses of all sizes.

Meet the Proactive Team

Damien – Founder

Founding Proactive Technology Partners in 2002 after finishing a science degree and realising his passion was actually technology, Damien has driven the business forward to its current space. Having seen significant shifts in the industry over this time (he still remembers bringing early clients from dial-up over to ADSL!), he’s learnt to stay ahead of emerging trends and use them to help businesses he works with succeed.

In his downtime, Damien enjoys Crossfit, almost every day. He is also a keen mountain bike rider, often planning his holidays around mountain bike park locations!

Robert H – Network Engineer

Robert is not your ordinary network engineer. You’re just as likely to find him in the middle of the outback as in front of a computer, as an avid off-road explorer on both 4 and 2 wheels.

When Robert finished his VCE, he received a Premier’s Award for being in the top 3 students in Victoria for IT. He continued his studies at Box Hill Institute under scholarship and completed this course with the Multi-e Technologies Top Networkers Award. He joined Damien at what was then called ‘PC Diagnostics’ – almost two decades ago and continues to provide our clients with invaluable expertise and experience.

Heather – Administration Manager

Heather has been with the company for the last 15 years, taking care of Reception, Accounts and Payroll. Over the years, she has gained many new skills and built an excellent rapport with clients and the rest of the Proactive Technology team.

Often the first point of call for clients, one of her biggest strengths is customer service. Her ability to listen, communicate and walk in their shoes has helped her to understand their needs and connect them to the right people in the Proactive team. In her spare time, you’ll find Heather walking with Molly, her chocolate Labrador, or catching up with her family and friends.

Dan – Level 2 Technician

Dan has been with the team since 2013 and has experience going back to 2004.. if you include him constantly breaking and subsequently fixing the family PC during his high school years! He has extensive experience with many Microsoft products, including Windows and Office 365. He also has a robust working knowledge with a wide range of line-of-business applications focusing on medical, alongside Sophos security and 3CX phone system products.

In his downtime, Dan enjoys making old unreliable cars even more unreliable, and has recently started putting together a bicycle for bikepacking and touring purposes.

David – IT Engineer

David has been working with Proactive Technology Partners since late 2010 – starting out when the company was smaller as the fourth team member! His background in IT infrastructure (servers & networking) within the manufacturing and events-entertainment industries has given David a wealth of experience in his current role.

Today, his main focus is infrastructure IT & IT security. His strongest skills are with servers, Active Directory, DNS, Microsoft Exchange, storage & Xsan, networking, fibre optic networking, UniFi, Sophos, and Cisco. David is highly qualified and experienced with 3CX phone systems.

Aside from IT, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, landscape photography and camping as well as electronics repairs, circuit board design, some 3D modelling & printing, and general DIY. He recently moved to an older home in the hills that needs a lot of renovation and landscaping!

Jovelyn (Jovy) – Operations Manager

Jovelyn Perez is the Operations Manager at Proactive Technology Partners and has been with the company for seven years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – (Major in Business Management) and 23 years of experience in the administrative and management industries.

Jovy manages support tickets and all aspects of client accounts. She organises technicians to handle remote support requests and delegates them for onsite deployment. Her optimistic nature and focus on her job strengthens the team’s overall performance. Her positive approach uplifts her team, and she has a 100% success rate in all of her tasks.

She loves watching movies and spending quality time with her family and loved ones in her free time.

John Paul – Technician

John Paul is a technician at Proactive Technology Partners with six years of experience supporting clients with their computing needs. He specialises in Microsoft 365 administration and uses extensive experience to efficiently address and solve customer questions.

By focusing on providing excellent support to clients, John Paul has been able to put his knowledge and well-honed skills to good use. When he’s not in front of a computer, he likes to tinker with his car and loves reading.

Kris – Project Engineer

Kris is a Project Engineer with a Certificate IV in IT. He’s been with Proactive since early 2020, starting out implementing projects, primarily Microsoft 365 cloud implementations. In between projects, he focuses his time on Level 1 escalations, assisting clients to achieve resolutions. Kris previously supported over 500 users in his IT role with a large fashion retailer, giving him a multitude of skills and the ability to troubleshoot and solve IT issues swiftly.

He is a keen technology enthusiast with a substantial home network system and a complete home automation setup. In his downtime, Kris spends his time looking after his collection of pets!

Brett – Level 1 Support Technician

Brett joined Proactive in 2020 as a Level 1 Support Technician, right in the middle of the first Covid lockdown. Having started out in IT with a Bachelor’s degree, Brett ended up in the music industry for over a decade. He then worked for Real Estate businesses, first at the franchising level and then across offices in QLD, NSW and VIC. He also worked for a web hosting company; supported a large pharmacy chain and an electronics goods manufacturer.

Brett is passionate about sharing his knowledge and assisting people with problem-solving and resolving issues. Outside of work, he enjoys travelling, photography and riding his motorbikes as often as possible.

Jerome – Hardware & Software Specialist

Jerome has been with Proactive Technology Partners since 2021, specialising in Hardware and Software. He equips clients with the best software solutions and hardware to improve their overall workflows, productivity levels and technology experience, creating viable quotations that meet their business needs and budgets.

Jerome has excelled in the field of Information Technology for the last seven years by combining his expertise in IT and Administration. He takes a very diligent approach to his work and is committed to providing exceptional customer service. He appreciates the culture and good working environment provided by the Proactive team.

Jem – Admin

Jemelle has been in an Admin role with Proactive Technology Partners for almost five years. She deals with numerous suppliers, invoicing and client enquiries. She is a Business Management graduate with over seven years of experience in the Admin field. Jemelle takes a very optimistic approach to her job and is always happy assisting clients. Jemelle is very family centred and finds inspiration in her husband and their newborn baby. Jemelle enjoys singing, browsing online and keeping the house looking great in her spare time.

Robert Waugh – IT Engineer

Robert has a background in small business management and a well-rounded knowledge of IT, which is ever-expanding. He has completed a Certificate IV in Small Business Management and a Diploma in IT Networking. He’s been with Proactive Technology Partners
for five years. When he’s not working, he’s likely to be hanging out with his two golden retrievers.

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