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When it comes to Network cybersecurity for Melbourne businesses, we don’t mess around. IT security crime is a profitable and growing industry. As such, Australian companies of all sizes are tempting targets. Planning is not a one-off consideration. Systems have to constantly evolve and adapt to new threats from around the globe. That’s why Proactive continually reviews and updates strategies on a regular basis.

As we know, gone are the days when all that was needed was a sturdy safe and a decent alarm system. Now, many of the most valuable assets are digital. In turn, protecting your livelihood now means keeping information safe, financial accounts protected, and technology performing at top speed. From manufacturing to healthcare industries, and everything in between, we handle it all.

Cybersecurity Melbourne, Victoria
IT Network Security Melbourne, Victoria

Bespoke Cybersecurity Solutions

Here at Proactive, our dedicated specialists will come up with a plan that’s customised to each business. First, we perform a system-wide assessment and review the current infrastructure, taking into account the company’s specific needs. We then identify any vulnerable areas that are at high risk. Finally, our technicians design the best solutions to ward off any potential harm.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for protecting an organisation. Our more nuanced approach allows us to assess all systems against 15 Key Elements (KSE). We then recommend a protection plan that fits the specific needs of each business.

The KSE range on a spectrum from behavioural change and employee training, right through to Universal Threat Management. This reflects our belief that protection requires a layered approach that begins with the person tapping away at the keyboard, and ends far beyond the office walls.

Key IT Network Security Elements

Of course, all Proactive clients are routinely reviewed to ensure they are protected from the latest threats and potential attacks. Additionally, we offer a free assessment to small businesses. Just give us a call on 1300 723 857, and we’ll send out one of our Senior IT Engineers who will analyse the technology currently being utilised, assess internet activity, awareness and training, and finally, discuss the current policies and procedures in place.

From this initial assessment, we then offer key element recommendations for a plan that won’t disappoint.

Cybersecurity Company Melbourne
  • Advanced Firewall/UTM
  • Antivirus Software/Patching
  • App Blocker
  • Best Practice Password Policies
  • Cloud App Protection
  • Comprehensive Data Backups & Encryption
  • Email Filtering
  • Non-Admin User Access on Computers
  • Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructure
  • Restrict Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Access
  • Protected Remote Access
  • Team Education/Policies


It’s imperative that critical files are kept safe. Personal and sensitive customer information, as well as intellectual property and employees’ private information, are all highly vulnerable to theft. Many clients work in regulated industries, where day-to-day output is highly sensitive, so stringent protection is a necessity. Let us implement the correct and suitable customised infrastructure, so you can rest easy at night knowing all systems are equipped with the best defense.

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