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Proactive’s cloud services & computing solutions offer massive advantages to Melbourne businesses. From productivity, usability, and data safety, to significant long-term savings.

Start From The Ground, Finish In The Cloud.

Migrating an entire physical IT infrastructure to the cloud can seem like a daunting task. The question many organisations have is, ‘Where do I even start?’ Look no further. At Proactive Technology Partners, we help businesses take the first step in transitioning to the cloud.


Conduct a full audit of existing hardware & applications. Inspect user setups and record specificiations.


Our team then works on a strategic plan of action to increase efficiency and streamline business operations.


Proactive strives to ensure a smooth transition, with custom-made solutions to fit any company’s needs.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Meredith Lewis
Meredith Lewis
26 July 2022
I have a very antiquated computer and software and Proactive have saved me more than once. I cannot speak highly enough of the service they provide.
Cathy Dowden
Cathy Dowden
16 October 2020
truly helpful and friendly response
Andrew Mackenzie
Andrew Mackenzie
13 October 2020
After contacting a few other IT crowds during Covid, none were able to find a solution to my issue with remote sessions.. Enter Proactive IT. Problem solved in less than an hour.
13 August 2020
Great service provided, with a thorough understanding of out IT system and needs. This group is truly proactive dealing with potential issues before becoming problematic.
John Temelli
John Temelli
10 September 2019
Great business and always fixing pc issues as soon as they arise and as soon as they can. After 20 years of it headaches they are just my go to fixit now. Couldn't be happier .
Marlin Medical
Marlin Medical
10 April 2019
We have worked closely with Proactive IT Solutions for many years. Proactive IT provide fantastic service and the team are always friendly and helpful, providing excellent support and advice within a short timeframe. We would have no hesitation recommending them.
Gabrielle Jenkins
Gabrielle Jenkins
10 April 2019
Proactive are attentive; I send them an email when I have an issue and receive a quick reply, they are very efficient. Their whole system for support and problem solving is uncomplicated and effortless. I feel I understand what is going on and what they are doing to help rectify any issues we have at any given time.
Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler
9 April 2019
We have partnered with the team at Proactive for IT Solutions for many years and would highly recommend their service and support. We couldn't run our business systems without them. Acacia Group
Tass Dimis
Tass Dimis
9 April 2019
highly recommend using Proactive IT for your business needs, they are professional, efficient, reliable and their work standards are high, I am always confident that they will complete our support inquiries in a short turn around. The consultants and Admin staff are friendly and easy to talk to.
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Innovative Cloud Services

It is a critical business decision to migrate your systems to the cloud, and it’s one of the first aspects of an organisation we discuss.

We take into consideration all the advantages a fully digital platform has to offer.

  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Stable
  • Elastic
  • Scalable

By assessing the goals of a business right off the bat, our specialists can then devise a quality program strategically designed for their needs.

If making the leap to the digital age seems fitting, reach out and let us flex our creative skills in formulating the perfect roadmap.

What Can Be Achieved With Cloud Infrastructure?

Cloud Storage

We offer secure and scalable cloud storage solutions, ensuring businesses can efficiently store and access their data from anywhere, reducing the reliance on physical storage and enhancing data management.

Cloud Backups

Our cloud backup services ensure that businesses have reliable and automated backup mechanisms in place, protecting their critical data from loss or damage, and allowing for easy restoration in case of emergencies or system failures.

Cloud Apps

We provide businesses with reliable cloud-based applications that optimise operations, boost productivity, and foster seamless collaboration, while lowering expenses linked to conventional software setup and maintenance.


Our powerful virtualisation solutions enhance businesses’ IT infrastructure by merging multiple physical servers into a single virtual environment, cutting hardware expenses, boosting resource efficiency, and streamlining management and maintenance tasks.

Cloud Security

With our comprehensive cloud security services, we can help businesses protect their valuable data and systems from cyber threats, ensuring data privacy, robust access controls, and continuously monitoring and responding to potential security breaches.

Serverless Computing

Our advanced computing technologies help businesses simplify server management, cut costs, and accelerate app development. Enjoy automatic scaling, high availability, and flexible pay-per-use pricing models.

Cloud Computing Migration

There are many things to consider before moving an entire IT infrastructure online.  Our professionals make four key assessments when we start to figure out and formulate an ideal solution.

  1. Long-Term Strategy: We aim to understand your business’s future direction, ensuring the chosen solution is scalable and can support your long-term goals.
  2. Specific Business Needs: Understanding your unique business requirements, we identify areas for enhancement. Streamlining processes with seamless app integration and automation empowers your company with significant advancements.
  3. Budget: Reduce hardware costs drastically by removing the need for on-premises storage. The flip-side is that ongoing licenses and subscriptions can really mount up. By figuring out the most affordable solutions, we’re able to stay within specified budgets.
  4. Internet Speed and Reliability: We understand the importance of a strong internet connection for your business. We ensure fast and dependable internet by recommending reliable providers or implementing fail-overs.
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