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Protect Your Data with Advanced Cyber Security Monitoring Services

As your managed security service provider, we know it’s vital that your IT systems are robustly equipped to stay protected from existing and emerging threats. We’ll take care of everything for you. Whether it’s delivering ongoing managed cyber services & solutions, providing strategic consulting advice, assistance with Essential 8 compliance or ensuring business continuity, we are here to help.

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Why Choose Proactive Technology Partners?

We take a human approach to our technical work, prioritising building strong strategic partnerships with the people that we work with. Our collective experience allows us to deliver high-quality solutions that will give you peace of mind when it comes to cyber safety. As Melbourne locals and business owners, we understand that the best thing we can do for you is to provide highly responsive cyber security services, allowing you to put your energy into your business goals.

Our Cyber Security Services

Endpoint Protection

Protect your most vulnerable access points from malicious threats with a complete endpoint protection.

Advanced Firewalls & UTM

We provide comprehensive advanced firewall and UTM support to keep your network protected.

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Email Filtering

Stay protected from email-based threats with our comprehensive email filtering.

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Team Education

We work with your team to ensure that everyone understands common threats and best practices.

Data Encryption & Backup

Keep your company data protected safely stored and encrypted for extra security.

Cloud App Security

Keep your cloud environment secured at all times with an active cloud & web application security.

User Access Control (UAC)

We ensure that your admin user access is restricted to only those who need it, while also restricting access to files on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Secured Remote Access & VPN

Safeguard your sensitive data against external transfers with secured remote access & VPN user and file management.

Data Recovery Planning

Protect your data & ensure business continuity with strategic DR Planning & Incident Recovery. Never worry about losing access to critical files.

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Our Cyber Security Consultants Create Tailored Plans To Suit Your Business

Proactive’s dedicated team of cyber security consultants will create a customised plan for your business. We’ll start with a system-wide audit, reviewing your current infrastructure and identifying any high-risk vulnerabilities. From here, our highly skilled team of cyber security professionals will design a plan for your business.

When it comes to managed security services, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we utilise a more nuanced approach, assessing all of your systems against 15 Key Elements (KSE).

We believe that protection requires a layered approach, beginning with the person tapping away at the keyboard, and ending far beyond your office walls.

We also work across a wide range of industries to ensure industry-specific and Essential 8 Maturity compliance, while ensuring that your business has the best ongoing support available.

We Monitor & Fight Against Cyber Security Threats That Attempt to Access Your Systems

We provide fully managed security protection of your IT systems against harmful cyber criminals and their hacking attempts.

Our senior cyber security consultants assess your devices, network, internet activity, staff awareness and provide training where necessary. They also review and provide feedback around any existing security policies and procedures in an effect to enhance your protection.

From this initial audit, we will provide recommendations, and create a solid plan that won’t disappoint if you want to work with us.

As a Proactive client, your cyber security services plan will be reviewed frequently, ensuring the best protection from the latest threats and potential attacks.

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  • Advanced Firewall/UTM

  • Antivirus Software/Patching

  • App Blocker

  • Best Practice Password Policies

  • Cloud App Protection

  • Comprehensive Data Backups & Encryption

  • Email Filtering

  • Non-Admin User Access on Computers

  • Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructure

  • Restrict Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Access

  • Protected Remote Access

  • Team Education/Policies

Cyber Security Auditing

Securing Your IT Systems is Key to Protecting Your Staff & Customers

It’s imperative that critical files are kept safe. Personal and sensitive customer information, as well as intellectual property and employees’ private information, are all highly vulnerable to theft.

Many clients work in regulated industries, where day-to-day output is highly sensitive, so stringent protection is a necessity.

Let us implement a secured managed security layer over your IT infrastructure, so you can rest easy at night knowing all systems are equipped with the best defence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber security is a group of best practices to ensure that your network and systems are kept secure. The purpose of cyber security is to protect your data from theft, damage, or unauthorised attempts to access them. Cybersecurity experts combine a multitude of technologies and practices, that are designed to protect devices and data. Many threats come from different sources, including cyberattacks, hacking, data breaches, and malware or ransomware infections.

Because businesses and individuals rely heavily on technology and the internet to store, share and transmit sensitive information, cybersecurity has a large focus in Australia and globally. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated daily, and they can result in financial loss, reputation damage, and even legal liabilities. Cybercrime is often conducted by highly skilled hackers, which means that almost any organisation can fall victim to an attack. It’s super important to employ a range of strategies to ensure every aspect of your network security is taken care of.

If you’re after a complete assessment of your entire IT infrastructure, then engaging one of our IT consultants may be the option solution for you.

Good cyber security practices cover a range of areas, which cyber security experts generally agree on, but every business will have varied needs.

Australia’s leading government organisation for cyber safety guidelines is the ACSC, which offers a range of general advice for businesses.

Overall, the following areas are deemed most important:

  • Keeping all workplace devices secure and updated.
  • Use effective software and solutions to protect your network, and identify and manage incoming threats. Incident response times can make a huge difference to your cyber security stance.
  • Utilise penetration testing (or pen testing), which is basically simulating a cyber attack to check for system vulnerabilities.
  • Keep your passwords and access up to date, and utilise additional authentication forms such as MFA, to remove the ease of access of potential hackers or malicious attempts to gain entry to your network.
  • Be security conscious. This extends through your whole team, and is a really important factor in risk management. We can help your business to understand user risks so you can stay ahead of common threats.
  • Make sure information belonging to clients and customers is appropriately secured. This is an imperative part of your cyber security plan. Working with cyber security experts is the best way to ensure your business has the right technology in place to prevent this.
  • Be wary of incoming threats such as emails that don’t look or feel right, and encourage your team to communicate if they receive anything that they feel may affect the security of your business.
  • Consider secure file sharing and encryption tools to protect sensitive company data.
  • Back up your data! This one is crucial. A great backup and recovery plan ensures that you can restore your data and maintain business continuity if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways that you can monitor and detect potential security threats! It’s important to ensure that your systems have the right cyber security measures in place, and wise to work with industry professionals to protect the security of your network and data, unless you are highly skilled in the area of cyber security.

It’s a great idea to conduct regular security assessments. Doing so can help you to protect your system and identify vulnerabilities or potential threats.

Use security monitoring tools. Monitoring tools will help you detect potential threats, monitoring network and system logs, user behaviour and detecting anything that seems amiss. We can provide the right tools for your organisation and will monitor them proactively, providing responses as necessary with the insights we gain.

Another important step to protect your network is to monitor traffic. Keeping an eye on network traffic can flag anything unusual that may pose a security risk. We use advanced network monitoring tools, which rapidly detect anything on our client’s network that needs to be addressed.

Securing sensitive information and data is absolutely vital in this era. It’s not just the data you need to think about either – it’s your company assets and reputation. We recommend, and deliver, the following cyber security measures to Melbourne businesses that we work with:

  • Strong authentication, across the board. This means great passwords, two-factor authentication (or even better, MFA), biometric authentication and other measures to keep your data away from prying eyes.
  • Data encryption is an excellent cyber security measure when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. Encryption is recommended by cyber security experts because it can protect your data when stored, and when it is being shared.
  • Access controls, use them well! By limiting access to only those who need it, you can save a lot of headaches. It’s wise to regularly review and update permissions, especially when job roles change.
  • Keep your employees educated! Training and education are often overlooked, even though many breaches begin from a staff level, often when employees accidentally click on something that would be best left unclicked!
  • Have solid, up-to-date security policies and procedures. Make strong policies, and more importantly, follow them! Your company policies should cover data handling, network security, and any other areas critical to your business.
  • Update and patch – and do it often! Simple steps like applying security patches can make a big difference; make sure this is done in a timely manner.
  • Backup, back up and backup! It really seems like such an obvious step, but it’s not the most exciting thing to do, which is likely why it gets overlooked all too often. The time it will seem like the most important thing is quite often when a cyber security breach happens, and there is no recent backup in place to save the day.
  • Following these steps will protect your sensitive data and minimise the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Cyber security should always include employee training. Phishing attacks rely on the lack of knowledge of employees, and this leads to many employees accidentally being the doorway for a cyber security breach. If you want to protect your staff from incoming threats, you should educate them on the risks to start with. Let them know what to look for, and how to report if something goes wrong. We provide cyber security awareness programs to our Melbourne clients, and can also organise regular testing using phishing simulations to strengthen your business’s overall security posture.

Some of the best steps you can take to monitor your company network infrastructure and the overall cyber security of your systems include:

  • Firewalls – A firewall is designed to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing network traffic. Not all firewalls work perfectly out of the box, though. We can help you configure your firewall, so it’s running at optimal levels.
  • Update your software – Make sure that your operating systems and applications are regularly updated, to keep them safe from known vulnerabilities.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware software -Doing this will keep your system protected from viruses, malware, and other malicious software.
  • Monitor your network regularly – Using intrusion detection systems on your network will flag any suspicious activity, allowing it to be addressed before it creates issues.
  • Use a VPN- Using a VPN creates a higher level of privacy and allows for safe remote access to your company network.

It’s vital to have a comprehensive backup plan in place for your organisation as part of your cyber security strategy. If you haven’t committed to doing this yes, talk to us about how we can put a backup plan in place. It’s one of the first areas we advise our clients to employ because without doing so, you have a very limited chance of resuming business as usual if you face a data leak or cyber security breach.

  • Create a regular backup plan – Make sure that all critical data is frequently backed up on a system or cloud platform that is separate from your main network.
  • Store backup data securely – Keep your backup data secure by encrypting it and storing it on a cloud server or in a separate network.
  • Check that data can be restored – It’s a great idea to test if data can be restored on a regular basis.
  • Create a strong recovery plan – This will outline clear steps that can be taken if a cyber attack, or another form of data loss or breach occurs. It needs to detail all the necessary steps to be taken and should include a business continuity strategy.

If your business is affected by a cyber attack, or some sort of data breach occurs, there are some simple steps you can take to get back on track.

  • Your first step is to contact your IT team and let them know what has happened (if they don’t already know!)
  • If you have a cyber security plan in place, now is the time to use it! If you don’t, implement one immediately after the initial threat has been dealt with.
  • The next is to pinpoint what has happened and take any necessary steps to address or isolate the issue.
  • Keep notes, logs and any data related to the breach.
  • If there is any attempt to gain financial benefit or risk to sensitive data, it’s best to contact relevant authorities.
  • Speak to your clients, customers and everyone involved with your business. If sensitive data has been released, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to manage this.
  • When the threat is under control, review your cyber policies and measures. Make sure that any vulnerabilities identified are immediately addressed.

Unless you have a high level of skill in this area, it’s wise to work with a skilled cyber security team. The threat landscape changes constantly, as does the type of technology used to address emerging threats.

Working with experts who are dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions, places your organisation in a much better place to meet the challenges of cyber threats. We provide cyber security to many Melbourne businesses. Talk to us about how we can help you strengthen and maintain your cyber security stance.

  • We provide a range of services for our clients, which usually starts with assessing what your business needs to stay safe online. As cyber security experts, we are also committed to educating in this space, ensuring that we share our cybersecurity expertise with our clients and their staff.There is no one-size-fits-all solution for protecting an organisation. Our more nuanced approach allows us to assess all systems against 15 Key Elements (KSE). We then recommend a protection plan that fits the specific needs of each business.The KSE range on a spectrum from behavioural change and employee training, right through to Universal Threat Management. This reflects our belief that protection requires a layered approach that begins with the person tapping away at the keyboard, and ends far beyond the office walls.We can help you with every aspect of risk management. This means identifying vulnerabilities, ensuring rapid incident response times and applying a range of innovative solutions to increase your overall security posture. Having provided tailored managed cybersecurity services and incident response to many Melbourne businesses, you can be assured of our skills.Talk to us today about how our professional team can minimise your online risk. Our solutions are highly cost-effective, and we are committed to exceptional service.

    We can also help you with Essential 8 compliance. This is an Australian government strategy for businesses to manage their online security, due to the increase in the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks. The increasing use of technology has highlighted that many companies don’t have the right security measures in place. We will work with you to make sure that your business is compliant, with a wide range of solutions and managed services that will strengthen the overall security of your network.

    If you need assistance with cybersecurity for your Melbourne business, or implementing Essential 8 strategies, please reach out, the team at Proactive can help you with all of your needs.

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