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Proactive managed IT support for Melbourne businesses. With 24/7 monitoring, an expert helpdesk & a dedicated account manager, be rest assured that any issues with your IT systems or infrastructure will be caught and resolved before they escalate.

We’re a managed service provider (MSP) that provides a fully managed on-site & remote IT service to your business

Allow us to take lead of all your IT needs and provide your staff ongoing support with our dedicated managed IT support service. Having us as your dedicated managed service provider means that you can stop worrying about technical issues and instead focus on growing your business.

Proactive Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of IT systems and networks to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into significant problems.

Managed Security Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of systems and networks for potential security breaches, suspicious activities, and unauthorised access attempts.

Unlimited Help Desk Support

Responsive support provided to end-users to address IT-related issues, troubleshoot problems, and provide guidance and solutions.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Meredith Lewis
Meredith Lewis
26 July 2022
I have a very antiquated computer and software and Proactive have saved me more than once. I cannot speak highly enough of the service they provide.
Cathy Dowden
Cathy Dowden
16 October 2020
truly helpful and friendly response
Andrew Mackenzie
Andrew Mackenzie
13 October 2020
After contacting a few other IT crowds during Covid, none were able to find a solution to my issue with remote sessions.. Enter Proactive IT. Problem solved in less than an hour.
13 August 2020
Great service provided, with a thorough understanding of out IT system and needs. This group is truly proactive dealing with potential issues before becoming problematic.
John Temelli
John Temelli
10 September 2019
Great business and always fixing pc issues as soon as they arise and as soon as they can. After 20 years of it headaches they are just my go to fixit now. Couldn't be happier .
Marlin Medical
Marlin Medical
10 April 2019
We have worked closely with Proactive IT Solutions for many years. Proactive IT provide fantastic service and the team are always friendly and helpful, providing excellent support and advice within a short timeframe. We would have no hesitation recommending them.
Gabrielle Jenkins
Gabrielle Jenkins
10 April 2019
Proactive are attentive; I send them an email when I have an issue and receive a quick reply, they are very efficient. Their whole system for support and problem solving is uncomplicated and effortless. I feel I understand what is going on and what they are doing to help rectify any issues we have at any given time.
Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler
9 April 2019
We have partnered with the team at Proactive for IT Solutions for many years and would highly recommend their service and support. We couldn't run our business systems without them. Acacia Group
Tass Dimis
Tass Dimis
9 April 2019
highly recommend using Proactive IT for your business needs, they are professional, efficient, reliable and their work standards are high, I am always confident that they will complete our support inquiries in a short turn around. The consultants and Admin staff are friendly and easy to talk to.
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Managed IT services that are customised to your business needs

Running and managing a successful business is not easy. It doesn’t just happen by chance. Organisations need an IT partner who understands their specific requirements, and will work hard to help achieve business goals.

When you invest in managed services from our knowledgeable team, have peace of mind that you’ll have access to the most reliable partners around. When engaged with us, enjoy the benefits of:

  • A true strategic partnership, focused on empowering businesses to do more.
  • Friendly experts who keep it human – and fun!
  • A wealth of expertise and information on current, new and emerging technology.

What’s Included in Our Managed IT Service?

IT Strategy and Consulting

Our IT support team offers expert guidance and advice to help businesses align their IT infrastructure with their goals and objectives.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A formal agreement between our IT support team and your business, outlining the service level, our response times, and key performance metrics.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Implemented robust measures to safeguard and restore your critical data against potential threats, such as data loss, system failures, hackers or natural disasters.

IT Support Services

We offer complete IT support services, handling computer systems and networks with user account management, software installation, and system updates.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

We use specialised software tools to remotely monitor, manage, and maintain our client’s IT systems and networks.

Network Management

Comprehensive administration of your business network, including setup, monitoring, & security. This covers switches, routers, access points, & VPNs.

Patch Management

Server & desktop software patching and updates to enhance system stability and resolve security vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, and firmware.

Server & Desktop Support

Support & maintenance of physical and virtual servers, along with desktops, laptops, including software updates & installation, security patches & staff assistance.

Data & File Management

Thorough data and file management services, ensuring the efficient user access permissions, share management, storage & backup of critical data.

Telephony / VoIP Solutions

We can provide complete VoIP system implementation for small businesses, offering affordable and adaptable internet-based phone services for efficient communication.

IT Asset Management

The complete tracking and management of your company’s IT assets, including hardware, software licenses, and warranties. Including renewals, expiration alerts and recommendations.

Vendor Management

Managing and coordinating partnerships with third-party software providers, hardware manufacturers, and service providers for your business’s technology needs.

What else can we assist with?

  • Application Integration & Support

  • Security Health Checks

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Incident Response

  • Monthly Onsite Maintenance

  • Endpoint Antivirus Security Protection

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • IT Governance

  • Continuous Improvement


Why Choose Proactive Technology Partners?

At Proactive, we like to keep it real and build genuine relationships with all of our customers. Whether you are experiencing a specific problem, or just looking for strategic advice, our team are able to assist.

Our managed IT services are designed to help businesses like yours improve efficiency, whatever your unique challenges may be. What’s more, if you already have an in-house IT support team, we can simply act as an extra pair of hands to work collaboratively with them and back them up.

If you’re ready to have a chat, simply book an appointment or request your free IT assessment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed services are simply having someone else take care of your technology, so you don’t have to. This covers a broad range of services, from general IT to cloud services, to cyber security. If you want to get started with one of our managed services plans, get in touch today, and we can have a chat about how we can deliver your IT solutions and services, Melbourne.

Managed IT service providers can help you with:

  • A complete range of cloud services
  • Cyber security and disaster recovery
  • General IT management and IT infrastructure maintenance
  • System implementations
  • Unified communications
  • Helpdesk and support solutions

We provide a range of services in Melbourne, and remotely, and as your managed services provider, we’ll ensure that you have the ongoing technical support to keep your business running well and your IT infrastructure at optimal levels.

A great Managed IT service provider will become an integral part of your business operations, working beyond IT basics and system errors. While you may start with a managed service provider to update your IT systems regularly, an experienced provider will ensure you have the right technology in place. As part of our managed services, we often recommend a new IT solution or software that we know will make a difference to our client’s business. This may be suggesting new security measures, or a type of software that we feel will benefit their daily operations.

Having a basic managed services plan may meet a full range of your needs, or you may need something tailored specifically to your needs. It’s peace of mind that you have someone keeping an eye on your system, and that larger breakdowns and repairs are often avoided by having someone proactively maintain your IT systems. Most of all, it’s having the support to manage your IT systems, which can be a huge job on your own. We offer a free consultation to assess your business needs; give us a call if you want to find out more, or get a quote for managed services.

We offer a complete range of Security Solutions for small to medium businesses. This includes cloud backup and managed disaster recovery, all of which strategically focus on ensuring business continuity in a worst-case scenario. These can be provided as a part of your Managed IT solutions, or as a standalone cyber security service to meet your business needs. We are highly skilled in the area of information security. We will ensure your network is secure and provide cyber security education, as well as the right technology and software to protect office and mobile devices.

A good IT support company will keep your IT environment running smoothly. This may be done as remote support, or on-site if required. Some people prefer a ‘break-fix’ approach, or getting desktop support on an hourly rate basis. We find most companies enjoy the peace of mind that having desktop support as part of their managed services brings. The main benefit of solid desktop support is that if something breaks, which would usually result in downtime, you won’t be losing money (or sanity!) – waiting for it to be fixed or trying to fix it yourself. You can simply pick up the phone, and someone will be there to step you through a fix.

We recommend ensuring proactive maintenance takes place, as this can cut down your ongoing support needs. Our helpdesk support services are run by highly skilled members of our support team, and we can provide 24/7 technical support as part of our managed services. Utilising our service desk for desktop support will ensure that your team is at their most productive. Get in touch today to find out more about our IT solutions and services, Melbourne.

Cloud computing is a big part of the IT Services we provide, and we are able to help your business by implementing new technology to benefit your organisation. We know that business downtime is a massive consideration when moving to cloud-based technologies. Our highly skilled IT Team can take care of all of your cloud project management needs.

Providing managed services and support is a big part of what we do, but so is strategic business continuity planning, implementation and management. We take into account every factor of your business requirements before rolling out any type of IT solution, and always take your complete infrastructure into account before making changes. We will make sure that our migration planning is rock solid before migration begins, and manage the entire process seamlessly for you.

Aside from our managed services, we deliver a complete range of hardware, software and network infrastructure solutions to our Melbourne clients. We know that having the right technology in place can go a long way towards your business’s success. We work collaboratively with our clients to assess the best technology systems to put in place. We consider everything from your long-term business goals to the experience of end users – your team!

Utilising the right solutions can also make IT management much easier. When software, solutions and infrastructure are aligned with your business’s needs, the need for technology management can lessen. We can help with unified communications, such as VOIP phone systems, migrations, sourcing new devices and optimising your overall network. Speak to us today about your upcoming needs, whether minor or closer to a complete technology rehaul; we can help. We offer consulting services too and can create a clear, strategic roadmap if you aren’t sure where to start!

As a leading Melbourne managed service provider, we can’t emphasise enough how important having managed services can be in the area of cybersecurity! While many businesses may question the value of using managed services for their cyber security, it’s extremely important to ensure the security of your IT environment. Whether it’s done in-house or outsourced – securing your business data and network is crucial.

The value of having a managed security service is knowing that someone is taking care of your business’s online and network security. At an affordable, fixed monthly fee, it’s a service that ensures your company isn’t left open to cyber attacks or data loss. Many of our clients appreciate that they don’t need to worry about staying on top of solutions and technology on-site anymore. This is our speciality, which means your business will be taken care of, as if it were our own.

It’s not fun when your IT melts down on a weekend. For many sectors, weekend operation is standard, and we understand that. We can provide rapid responses and support to your business as part of a managed service plan. We have different levels of support available, which we will discuss with you when you get started with us.

We’ll ensure that you have the IT services, support and response times needed to keep your systems and IT infrastructure working when needed. Our ProSupport options ensure rapid responses all year round, and all of our plans include 24/7 phone support – chat with us about which one is right for you!

Prevent a technology disaster, by upgrading to a managed IT services plan today