Picture this: you’re going about your work day, saving documents, working on an important upcoming presentation and have just added the last bits of data for a pending financial report that’s almost due. Everything seems fine until the unexpected happens – a virus attack, spilled coffee, or a simple human error. Suddenly, you find yourself in the deep end, desperately wishing you had ensured a backup had been run – this morning, not last month. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into why regular backups are akin to Monopoly’s  ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’  in the digital world – ready to save your day from potential tech disasters.

The one catch? Backups need to be done before you need them!

Accidents Happen, Murphy’s Law Also Happens

Life is full of unpredictable twists and turns, and the digital realm is no different. No matter how careful you are, accidents are bound to happen. One moment of distraction, one wrong click, and bang! Your essential files may vanish into the digital abyss. The importance of regular backups – as dull as they sound –  cannot be understated. And Murphy’s Law? It’s a superb retrospective teacher – ‘I should have done that yesterday’, you think, but often by that stage, it’s today, and it’s too late for the lesson this round offered!

Malware And Cyber Criminals

Cyber villains are lurking out there, as are the many ways they use to get into your system, minus an invite. Malware, DoS, phishing attempts, fake websites, ransomware and viruses – the list only seems to grow. Regular backups serve as your failsafe, always prepared to restore order even after absolute digital chaos occurs.

Device Meltdowns

Our beloved devices are not invincible. They have moments of weakness when they decide to go on strike, pack up or pack it in. A hardware failure can leave you stranded, but with a recent backup on hand, you’ll have a built-in rescue team waiting in the wings to bring your data back from the brink.

The “Oops, I Deleted That!” Syndrome

Whilst you and I have obviously never been there, many mere mortals have. 

Accidentally hitting the delete button thinking you won’t need that file again, and then the universe conspiring against you when a client needs a copy urgently 1 day after your recycle bin has cleared itself out. 

Regular backups are like time machines, allowing you to retrieve those accidentally deleted files. The catch? Backups cannot (yet) travel back in time, to create a backup that you forgot to.

Lost Productivity Creating Next Level Work Stress

Work documents that are lost, while being worked on or after completion, can mean saying  goodbye to hours, days, or even weeks of work due to a technical glitch (or a human error). Regular backups will ensure that you never have to face the deep disappointment of redoing work that’s already been done – and the lack of productivity that comes with.

It’s Not About IF, But WHEN

Without sounding dramatic – let’s face it – it’s not a matter of if you’ll face a digital mishap, but when. It may be Murphy’s law that dictates that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, but it’s also just life happening. So, be prepared with backups, which are truly the ultimate digital insurance policy.

Cloud Apps Need Backed Up Too 

A lot of people believe that cloud apps like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are automatically backed up – this is not true. They keep previous versions of files but do not keep a backup of your data.Both feature apps have features that ensure you can access your data in real time and built in recovery options, but there are many events in which this will not be sufficient. 

First of all, just because they offer you continual access doesn’t mean that they are not susceptible to issue or hacks. If your data become corrupted, and that’s your only copy of it, it may not be recoverable. 

If they have a system failure, you may temporarily lose access to your data, which can cause havoc if working on a large project, to a deadline or there is data that needs to accessed and cannot be, even if only for a short period. 

Having a backup allows you to ensure the safety and accessibility of your data, which ensures peace of mind and business continuity. We’ve seen people lose vast amounts of data from apps and platform that they automatically felt were ‘secure’, and we highly recommend that all of our clients ensures an alternative backup method for important data.  

Cloud Backups vs. On Premise – There’s Really No Excuse Not To Have a Backup!

In the era of cloud computing, backing up your data has never been easier. Even if you need (or prefer) to have an on-premise and cloud version, there are boundless options for secure, off-premise storage. Knowing that you have all bases covered will ensure that whatever the incident, you’ll have your business data ready to reinstate.

The Joys of Restoring

Yes, we said that. Believe it or not, restoring from a backup can be a bit of an adventure.

Well, maybe not quite, but at the very least it will bring a huge rush of relief and peace of mind if you find yourself faced with disappearing data. Plus, it’s immensely satisfying to know that not only were you disaster ready, but that a potential crisis was so easily averted!

Ultimately, regular backups will provide some inner calm, and we all need more of that. Knowing your digital files are securely stored means you can navigate the digital world with confidence, no matter what surprises come your way.