Your perfect match: Finding the laptop that’s right for you

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As a business owner, I couldn’t live without my laptop. With the flexibility and mobility afforded by cloud apps and online storage, I can work on my laptop from anywhere.

You can’t work in IT for over a decade, as I have, without learning a thing or two about making technology work for you. So, naturally, I have my own specific preferences for my laptop based on what I do for a living.

Matching your laptop to your lifestyle

There are particular features and specifications you should look for in a laptop depending on the business function it will fulfil. For example, there’s a big difference between the needs of a highly mobile salesforce and the needs of an office-bound operations manager who simply wants to take their work home with them on the weekend.

Sales Representative

A salesperson is always on the go. You may be meeting with clients, running demos, recording notes, creating spreadsheets and staying connected. Your laptop has to be light, with a good battery life so you don’t have to plug it in while you’re out and about. Speed and on-board storage, though, are not so important as you work with just some of the basic tasks on your laptop and should be accessing your sales and communication apps in the cloud.

In short: You need a laptop that is small and light, with good battery life and a solid state drive.

Administrator or Manager

As a high-level administrator, who spends most of their time in the office, you’ll be looking for a portable version of a desktop computer. You may be in finance, human resources, operations or any other office-based job. You need a laptop with a larger screen so that you can more easily multi-task. You may want to invest in several additional screens. The laptop doesn’t have to be light because you won’t be travelling with it much; and the battery life is not so important because you’ll be plugged in most of the time. If you work with numbers a lot, try to get one with a separate number pad on the keyboard. Speed is also important so you don’t experience delays or disruptions in workflow when you’re running multiple processes at once.

In short: You need a laptop that has a big screen and a separate numeric keypad. Weight and battery life are not big issues, but you need processing power.


Having to oversee your business as well as represent the company, you should choose a laptop that has better performance and higher capabilities. You want the speed and power of the Manager’s laptop combined with portability and battery life of the Salesperson’s laptop. You might also like to consider getting one that’s got a touch screen so that you don’t need to carry an additional iPad or similar around with you.

In short: You need a laptop that is small and light, with good battery life and processing power. You may want touch screen functionality.

Overarching considerations

No matter your job, the key considerations when shopping for a laptop should be performance, battery life, durability and portability. A 128GB or 256GB hard drive is sufficient to store email and program files. You shouldn’t need to store large numbers of documents and other data because the business should have network or cloud-based storage.

Knowing exactly what you need your laptop to do will help you find your perfect match.

Proactive IT Solutions can help you make the right choice and get it set up for optimal productivity by migrating your data ensuring that software, network connections and other computer peripherals are up and running.

For more information on choosing the right laptop, and on how much to budget for one, see my article: It’ll cost you … a guide to laptop prices.

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