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It’s nice to have satisfied clients who make repeat purchases; but the paradigm of client satisfaction is outmoded. Knowing whether a customer is satisfied with their most recent interaction is no indication of long-term happiness and loyalty.

What you want is delighted clients who rave about your business to others.

Why? Because loyal clients who actively recommend your company to others support sustained business growth.

It’s now generally accepted that loyalty is driven by positive client experience – their whole end-to-end journey with you.

Client experience is the overall impact of multiple interactions with your organisation; resulting in a relationship with the client, be it good or bad.

What does positive client experience mean to your business?

When your clients get the best experience you can offer; your business will reap the benefits, including:

  • repeat purchases of products or services
  • customer referrals and recommendations
  • increased customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction
  • a competitive advantage
  • ease in new customer acquisition.

Everything you do in your business should be geared toward serving your customers. Strategies for providing the best client experience should be incorporated into your overall business strategy.

How do you measure client experience?

If you accept client experience as the benchmark for growth and success in your business; then you need a way to measure it.

The metric we use is the Net Promoter Score® (NPS).

NPS is gauged by a customer survey and provides a quantitative measure of our business performance through the eyes of our clients.

Based on the their answers, clients are divided into three categories:

  1. Loyal/Promoters (scores of 9 or 10)
  2. Satisfied/Passive (scores of 7 or 8)
  3. Detractors (scores of 7 or less).

The final NPS is arrived at by subtracting the percentage of clients who are Detractors from the percentage who are Promoters.

NPS = %Promoters - %Detractors

A high NPS means that your company is providing a positive client experience; and can therefore be expected to grow faster than competitors with a lower NPS, whose clientele are less loyal to them.

What’s our Net Promoter Score?

Proactive IT Solutions has recently concluded its annual client experience survey conducted by Saguity (http://www.saguity.com/) who are experts in this area.

By measuring the client appreciation drivers and client variation drivers, we are able to see how well or poorly we perform in delivering our services and in providing a positive client experience.

The big news for us this year is that we achieved a NPS of 85%.

ProITS Net Promoter Score for 2016

This is a high score and a real indication that we are delivering excellent client experience. But we won’t be resting on our laurels.

Our promise to you

We will continue to deliver the excellent client experience you’ve come to expect; and we’ll continue to improve our products and services to ensure that all our existing and potential clients receive maximum value and benefit from their IT.

Want to know your Net Promoter Score?

From this you can see how important knowing your Net Promoter score is. Everything we have learnt about this has come from the team at Saguity (http://www.saguity.com/). They really are the experts in measuring your client loyalty and how you are delivering on client experience.

If you want to find out your business’ score then I recommend that you get in touch with Saguity. Not only will they measure how you are doing with your client experience, they’ll also show you how to build your client loyalty. Once you start building up client loyalty you’ll start to see more referrals and clients who buy from you without questioning your prices – which can only lead to a more profitable business. Who wouldn’t want that!

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