Three ways you can use technology to drive business success

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How often do you review your business technology? Do you look at digital trends, review new offerings or keep an eye out for what others in your industry are doing?

Research indicates that using digital tools can save small businesses 10 hours per week and boost revenue by 27 per cent. But it’s hard to stay on top of all the ways technology can improve your business – and there are new possibilities opening up every day!

I’ve written before about the concrete ways investing in technology can positively impact business efficiency and profits. But I reckon it’s worth unpacking a few of ways that agile adoption of business technology can have a positive influence at a strategic and cultural level.

1. Cultivate an agile, flexible workplace

Being tech savvy as a business can actually help you attract and retain talent.

People want to work for a business that allows them to develop and demonstrate the skills and abilities needed to succeed in this modern economy. By showing that you’re agile and open to change; you attract employees who are similarly minded.

A flexible work environment increases employee productivity and well being. The adoption of cloud technologies makes remote work and collaboration easier than ever before.

2. Solve pain points in your business and improve efficiency

There is a digital solution to every problem. Technology delivers so much potential to business of all sizes – all you have to do is know what’s out there, and how to apply the available solutions in your business.

Most businesses employ at least five specialised software apps on a daily basis; things like email, accounting and payroll, CRM, job management, etc.

The list is endless; and one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the ease with which you can integrate these apps.

This integration is often where you see a positive return on investment as you can automate manual processes and improve workflows. It may even be possible to reduce staff costs.

3. Beat the competition

A strong online presence, with a website and social media profiles is an essential marketing and communication tool for most businesses now. Your digital business footprint is what marks you as a legitimate player in your industry and make is easier for potential customers to find you.

Many digital marketing tools are available for free. You can create and track email advertising with Mailchimp, build social profiles with Buffer or create visual content in Canva – all with no upfront costs.

Building a website has never been simpler with platforms such as Wix, Squarespace and WordPress (and many more besides) offering ready-made templates and tools that make it easy to customise and manage your own website.

Beat your direct competitors and compete with much larger businesses by harnessing the power of digital engagement.

Unsure where to start?

It’s not possible to write a one-size-fits-all prescription for technology-based business transformation. You know your business best.

Make a list of where things are going wrong for your business. Roadblocks, inefficiencies, client or team complaints, repeated errors, and gut feelings are all good places to start mapping the areas that might benefit from change.

Online research is invaluable, as is speaking to your business network about how they are using technology and online tools. Your IT support provider will also have seen how technology has been adopted or adapted to make business better – as well as the times it may have failed – and should be able to provide invaluable advice on successful implementation strategies.

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