Cyber Security is the Foundation of Business Continuity

Cybercrime is a profitable and growing industry, and Australian businesses are a profitable target. IT security is not a “set and forget” commodity. You need to constantly review your technology against the present and emerging threats.

Proactive Technology Partners can advise you on best practice policies and procedures for IT security, perform a system-wide secuity review; and implement a customised security solution to protect your business.

Data backup

Do you trust your current IT backup processes? Can you restore lost files quickly and easily when you need to? Proactive Technology Partners will make sure you never lose your important business data.

For your peace of mind, and to adhere to best practices, your backup systems should be:

  • regular
  • frequent
  • secure
  • off-site
  • verified
  • monitored.

For critical systems, you need to make sure you’re backing up your complete operating system as well as your files.

Proactive Technology Partners can set up a complete backup and disaster recovery system to protect you from data loss and server downtime when catastrophic failures occur.

What about the cloud?

It’s not just on-site data and systems you need to protect. You can’t always rely on cloud-based service providers to maintain a best practice backup system. Proactive Technology Partners will also ensure your cloud-based systems are fully backed up.

Data security

Do you know who has access to your data? What, if any, safeguards do you have in place to limit unauthorised access or malicious activity?

Sensitive business information, intellectual property, and personal and client information can all present concerns around who can access, copy and share it. Your files should be structured to ensure that only those who need the data can access it. Proactive Technology Partners can set up systems and infrastructure to ensure your data is secured.

If you’re in a regulated industry where you need stringent systems in place to control the access, flow and encryption of data; Proactive Technology Partners can implement the required infrastructure to ensure your compliance.

Virus protection

Proactive Technology Partners will help you maximise performance to ensure you get the best value for money out of your computers.

Your computers can provide openings for malicious activity on your network; and virus events can be costly to resolve.

Proactive Technology Partners can protect your computers from malicious activity and ensure that you have a robust disaster recovery plan in place.