Moving to the cloud doesn’t always save you money, but with proper planning it can

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Cost savings remain one of the key factors in deciding to move business functions to the cloud; but is this a valid perception?

Employing cloud services can mean lower set-up costs – there is no upfront cost, for example, in purchasing expensive hardware or software licenses.

Then there are the benefits of increased integration and automation (time is money, after all); and the convenience of being able to access the information that you need anywhere and anytime.

However, there are some potential cost blowouts you need to be on the lookout for. Moving to the cloud does not always save you money.

Cloud = Not savings all the time

Yes! Cloud applications and infrastructure can be cost-effective, but costs can add up over time – especially as a result of poor planning. A lack of forethought and strategic planning can lead you to over-invest in cloud applications.

The most common kinds of cloud applications include CRM, accounting software, communication tools, and storage apps. Some of these business functions can be serviced quite well under the cheapest, or free, subscription packages offered by app providers. However, as your business requirements get more complex, or your data storage needs grow, you’ll find yourself needing to upgrade your plan.

How to increase ROI and lessen costs

You can always do something to earn positive return on investment (ROI) when adopting cloud services.

It all boils down to proper planning:

  • Do your research on the various cloud apps and tools available. Compare and contrast using a number of criteria depending on what your business requires. Know that not all of them are necessarily a good fit.
  • Choose the best subscription plans and what would offer the most for your business, thus paying only what you need. Make sure your expenditure is within your IT budget.
  • Make sure your staff are well-trained in using the cloud app to ensure that you can maximise its benefits.
  • Turn off services you are not using – those small monthly fees can add up to a lot.
  • Always ask for recommendations and advice from your IT experts, after all, they have seen what works for others (and what doesn’t).

If you’re thinking of moving all or part of your business to the cloud, you need to consider both the strategic benefits and technical necessities. This is where a trusted IT partner is invaluable.

Proactive IT Solutions can identify your needs and assess your options to customise a quality, cost effective solution designed to facilitate optimal business performance.

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