If everything’s in the cloud, do you still need IT support?

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Saving on operational, hardware and licensing costs are some of the most commonly cited reasons for adopting cloud-based software and storage solutions in business.

But, while you’re tallying up the software fee savings and dumping your expensive on-site servers, is it also fair to assume that you can slash your IT support budget?

Sadly – for you, not us – the answer is no. You can’t escape the clutches of IT support that easily. You still need support to maintain your IT infrastructure and help you make the most of your cloud apps.

Reasons you still need IT support

1. To ensure your cloud apps are installed properly

Some cloud apps are complicated to install and set up. You also want to avoid downloading unnecessary apps and plug-ins. IT support has probably set the app up hundreds of times. They can get it done right the first time, and also ensure its optimised for your specific IT environment.

2. To maintain a reliable internet connection

All cloud apps need online connectivity. Most of the time, your internet works fine – but what do you do when it fails? Connection issues can be notoriously difficult to get to the bottom of and, if your internet service provider can’t see a fault at their end, it’ll be up to you to fix the problem yourself.

3. To ensure that your operating system is up-to-date and compatible with the cloud app

Some cloud apps are incompatible with older computer operating systems. If you have reputable IT support, your OS should be up-to-date as a matter of course.

4. To set up and enforce user management, accessibility and security policies

Some cloud products have complex levels of security and user access that need to be thought through and set up. IT support can help you with this.

It’s also essential to have robust user management, accessibility and security policies for the business’ wider IT network; this is an area you’ll definitely need IT support’s help with.

5. To solve complex problems not answered by vendor support and troubleshooting guidelines

Most cloud app developers will provide troubleshooting guidelines to help users with basic problems and issues with their apps, they may also offer online chat or telephone support. Unfortunately, as with all third-party service providers, there is a limit to the amount of help they can (or are prepared) to provide. As with your internet connection, if the vendor can’t identify a fault at their end, it’ll be up to you to fix the problem yourself.

6. To maintain your on-site hardware, including your computers, printers and networking equipment

You still need properly working computers, network connectivity, printers, scanners and all sorts of other gadgets and peripherals to effectively use cloud software. This is where professional IT support still proves invaluable.

Having the right support will actually save you money

Cloud apps are great alternative to traditional on-premise software. They’re simple to use, portable, secure, scalable and cost-effective. They’re also frequently updated to provide extra functionality in response to customer demand. But, to make the most of your cloud apps and your IT infrastructure, you still need a trusted IT partner.

Proactive IT Solutions can give you the right information about using the cloud for your business as well the appropriate advice and expert solutions for optimal IT performance.

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