How I remember over 100 passwords

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The other day I worked out how many different online logins I have. It was well over 100! Can you remember 100 different passwords? I know I can’t.

Security best practice states that you should have a different, complex password for each and every account login. According to this article the average person can remember 19; but 1 in 3 don’t make their passwords strong enough.

So, how do you remember all those passwords and maintain proper online security? I’ll tell you how. (If you don’t understand why online security is important, then I recommend you read this article I wrote.)

A good password manager is a life saver

It is quite literally impossible to remember multiple complex passwords. I can’t do it and I’m guessing you probably can’t either. This is where a password manager is an invaluable tool. Quite simply password managers remember your passwords for you, so you don’t have to. They can also help you to manage them.

I think one of the best password managers out there at the moment is LastPass. Although LastPass is cloud based your information is encrypted on your device, so anything stored by their service is protected and safe. Not even LastPast can access the data.

LastPass integrates with your web browser on all your devices to autofill your passwords when logging into sites. Passwords are synced between devices keeping everything up to date. Even better, LastPass has a free plan that is suitable for most people.

I’ve been using LastPass for a while and it has certainly made my life easier. All of my passwords are now randomly generated and very difficult to crack. I’ve enabled two factor authentication with LastPast so it’s extremely unlikely my LastPass account to be hacked. If you don’t know what two factor authentication is check this article out.

I feel a whole lot happier knowing that my online accounts are safe and my passwords are complex and protected.

So as you can see, having strong passwords and secure online security is achievable – and it doesn’t even have to cost you anything. I can’t stress enough how critically important it is to keep your passwords secure. Failure to do this can lead to a lot of pain in the event your accounts get hacked. If you’re worried about your password security or need help setting up LastPass, drop me a line at the Proactive office and I’ll help you get it sorted. It will be one less thing you need to worry about.

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