How do you write effective website content?

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How important is your website to your business? Does it help you generate the right business opportunities? How good is it at helping you reach your business goals?

Content is king in digital marketing as businesses use their websites to communicate and provide essential information to their existing clients and potential customers.

Here’s our simple guide for creating winning website content for your business.

1. Know your page purpose and goal

What do you want to communicate to your readers? What actions do you want them to take after reading? Your answers to these questions will give you the purpose and goal of your page.

2. Identify who your audience are

Your audience or your readers may be your existing and potential clients, future employees, business partners or investors. Identify who they are by knowing what they want to get from your page, understand their personality and their interests. Step into the shoes of your audience.

3. Determine the information you need to include

Your content should be based on the frequently asked questions of your audience. Answer those questions and tell them what you can do for them. Remember, you do not have to answer all questions at one time. Different questions may be answered on different pages, making your overall website more relevant, navigable and interesting.

4. Include a call to action

What do you want your audience to do after reading the content of your page? The information that you provided should trigger your audience to react and take action based on the purpose and goals of your page. You may want them to fill out a form to get their contact details, or have them contact you for a product purchase or service delivery; whatever it is, you have to include your call to action in your content.

5. Add images or video elements when possible

Videos and images help get the attention of your readers as well as adding interest to your content. Ensure that they are relevant and helpful to your content, and that they don’t detract from the main message you want to deliver.

6. Review/edit your written content

Don’t publish your content without double checking the spelling and grammar. A lot of mistakes can decrease the level of accuracy and credibility of your page, and your whole website in general. Review your content regularly to ensure that all the characteristics of good website content are present, and that your information is current.

7. Think about letting an expert do it

We’re not all writers, and we don’t all have a flair for digital content creation. You may find that the task of creating, quality assuring, publishing and refreshing your website content on any regular basis just takes too much time away from other important business tasks. A specialist content creator can relieve this burden.

ProITS can facilitate your complete website update; from a full redesign, to a content refresh.

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