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Think of the last ‘epic fail’ you witnessed at your workplace. Was it caused, either in part or in full, by poor communication?

Internal communication is as essential to a healthy business as external communication. External communication is the important face your company presents to its clients and stakeholders; but internal collaboration and teamwork is what keeps everything running smoothly.

Think of the common collaboration problems you face at work: Emails not sent or received, improper dissemination of company information, work details not completely explained – or just feeling like you’re ‘out of the loop’!

Effective communication is essential for any type of business, but it’s especially embarrassing if you work in a SME and you can’t seem to keep everyone on the same page. Clients can be very unforgiving if it seems like the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing in an organisation of fewer than 20 people.

So, how can you facilitate better internal communication? As it so happens, there are a number of collaboration tools that come bundled with your Office 365 subscription.

What are the Office 365 Collaboration tools?

For SME’s, creating and maintaining proper communication can promote efficiency, productivity and order in your entire business operations. Effective collaboration allows every member of the team to contribute in achieving your business goals and objectives.


Yammer company feed
Yammer offers social engagement and interaction between the members of the organisation. It is your company’s internal Facebook. Instead of sending individual emails to every employee, you can

  • post company-wide announcements for everyone to read react to
  • create private work groups for specific teams, topics or projects
  • share files, post photos and run polls
  • send and receive instant messages.

You can access Yammer from your web browser, but there’s also a Yammer app for iOS, Android and Windows mobile – so you can keep in touch with your team from anywhere.


Skype video conference
Face to face communication at work is always better, and Skype makes this possible. Organise video conferences and online meetings from your mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. You can also share meeting notes and screen content, and instant messages. Skype is especially good organisations that have remote locations and employees.


SharePoint home screen

As a core part of Office 365, SharePoint provides content management and collaboration capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with the other applications people use every day to create and co-author documents, meet and work with their teams. SharePoint includes discussions, documents, calendars, tasks and custom forms that can be accessed by your team. You can store, sync and share these files without compromising document formatting and version control. You can track changes and still be on the same page as your work evolves.


Outlook screen activity

Manage your emails, schedules, contacts and tasks with Outlook. Its calendar will remind you of your important meetings, appointments and team events so you are always in the loop with what is happening in the company.

Why ProactiveITS Recommend Office 365 Collaboration Tools

At Proactive IT Solutions, we know and understand the importance of effective communication – both within our own work team, and with our clients and suppliers. We use office 365 collaboration tools everyday in all aspects of our work to provide a flexible work environment for our team and to keep in touch when our engineers are working onsite.

Office 365 collaboration tools are practical, easy to use and cost-efficient – and, if you’re using Office 365 for your email exchange, you already have them!

If you want to know more about using Yammer, Skype or SharePoint to facilitate collaboration and boost productivity, give is a call.

We can set up your ecosystem; and give you advice and practical tips on how to make the most out of your Office 365 collaboration tools.

Need more information?

Unsure about Office 365? Here’s an explainer: What you need to know about Office 365

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