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Proactive’s cloud computing services for Melbourne businesses offer massive advantages to the workplace. From productivity, usability, and data safety, to significant long-term savings. Converting an entire infrastructure to the digital world can seem like a daunting task. It can even be downright confusing! The question many organisations have is, ‘Where do I even start?’

Look no further. By being on this website, the first step has already begun! By facilitating seamless and cost-efficient migration of applications and processes, we’re here to guide team members through the whole transformative process. First, we will assess the current environment. We then work on a strategic plan of action to increase efficiency and streamline operations. Proactive strives to ensure a smooth transition, with custom-made solutions to fit any company’s needs.

Cloud Services Melbourne, VIC
Cloud Computing Melbourne, Victoria

Innovative Cloud Services

Oftentimes, leaders ponder whether they should make the move. It is a critical business decision, and it’s one of the first aspects of an organisation we discuss. We take into consideration all the advantages a fully digital platform has to offer. This discovery analysis helps figure out the best solution for a company. By assessing the goals of a business right off the bat, our specialists can then devise a quality program strategically designed for their needs.

As we know, even thinking about making the move to a new system can be a complex and sensitive process. Not only that, but it also requires considerable forethought and planning. No worries though, because once we’ve settled on which solution best suits your needs, we’ll create a project plan and guide you through the move, step by step. So if making the leap to the digital age seems fitting, reach out and let us flex our creative skills in formulating the perfect roadmap.

Cloud Computing Migration

There are many things to consider before moving an entire IT infrastructure online. Our professionals make four key assessments when we start to figure out and formulate an ideal solution.

  • 1. Long-Term Strategy: This is almost an exercise in blue-sky thinking. We want to really get to know where the future of the business is headed. That way, we can be sure the chosen solution is scalable and can work long term.
  • 2. Specific Business Needs: By taking into account the nature of each business, as well as the daily operations and pain points, we can hone in on opportunities for improvement. Simple things like app integration and automation can give an organisation a huge boost.
  • 3. Budget: Reduce hardware costs drastically by removing the need for on-premises storage. The flip-side is that ongoing licenses and subscriptions can really mount up. By figuring out the most affordable solutions, we’re able to stay within specified budgets.
  • 4. Internet Speed and Reliability: It’s a given that nothing good comes from a bad internet connection. Successful migration rests on the quality of the internet speed more than anything else. When creating a solution, we may suggest moving operations to a new internet provider, or add a fail-over internet connection.
Cloud Solutions Melbourne, VIC

Picking the right internet package can be a difficult task. Wading through the technical jargon and endless options can often feel overwhelming. Possibly even like it’s impossible to make the right decision. However, here at Proactive, we’re experts in this field, and are more than happy to do the heavy lifting. Once we get to know the ins and outs of an organisation, choosing the ideal internet package is easy-breezy. We also specialise in getting connected when switching premises to ensure a smooth changeover, making the move as hassle-free as can be.

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