Are you ready to go paperless?

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Is your business reliant on paper because it makes strategic sense or simply because it’s an old habit? Maybe it’s time to go paperless.

ProITS has gone paperless, and we love it

Proactive IT Solutions moved to a totally paperless set-up earlier this year, because we found it more effective in our business operations. All our paper files are now digital, including our accounts. This means we don’t need lever arch and hanging files anymore and things are easier to find.

A paperless office promotes a work environment where hard copies of files and documents are eliminated or reduced. These documents are converted into digital form and are saved in shared servers or cloud storage that can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime.

We now utilise various technologies and cloud applications like Office 365 and its collaboration tools: SharePoint, Yammer and Skype for Business. They help us improve our processes and systems.

Benefits of a paperless office to ProITS:

1. Time savings and enhanced productivity

  • It’s quicker and easier to locate files, invoices, quotes, receipts, contracts, work requests, memos, etc. through a file search.
  • No more hours wasted hunting for miss-filed papers or files that are sitting on people’s desks.
  • Communication and feedback between team members and clients is faster and more direct with the use of email and Skype chats.

2. Better access

  • Documents access and sharing is more flexible, convenient and almost instantaneous via cloud storage and shared workspaces.
  • I can access all my work from anywhere in the world – so long as I have an internet connection.

3. Space savings

  • No more filing cabinets to hold folders of company documents, so more space for us.
  • We can save and store hundreds of digital documents in one folder, which is better for file organisation.

4. Cost savings

  • It’s cost efficient, eliminating the purchase of postage, paper, ink, toner, folders and folders.

5. Enhanced security

  • Security is more enforceable, with password encryption to confidential files.
  • SharePoint’s version control features make it easy to track changes on documents.

You should go paperless, too! We can help

A paperless office is economical and efficient. The transition may take time and a certain level of investment to but, once you go paperless, you’ll be able to see the benefits in the long run.

Proactive IT Solutions can assist you with the transition and give you the proper recommendations on what technology and applications to use to go 100% paperless. And, because we’ve walked the talk, we can advise you on the kinds of changes you’ll need to make to your internal policies and procedures as well.

Want more info?

In this short video Damien explains how ProITS uses SharePoint as part of its paperless solution.

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