At Proactive Technology Partners, we strive to build and maintain positive relationships with our clients. What we want most of all are delighted clients who rave about our business to others.

I feel privileged and grateful to be able to share so many positive comments from my wonderful clients. Without them, there would be no Proactive Technology Partners; and I never forget it!

– Damien Battersby, Head Honcho and Founder

  • "Everyone we've dealt with from Proactive IT has been excellent. We never have to wait very long to get a good reply; they are what they say they are and that is proactive. They keep us up and running and always keep a close eye on our computer security, which is a main concern for us. We've never had any problems with them at all and I can't imagine that will change any time soon."

    Adrienne Tuxen
    Adrienne Tuxen Xantias Financial Management
  • "They are attentive; if I send them an email when I have an issue you get a very quick reply and they are very efficient. Their whole system for helping you and problem solving is uncomplicated and easy so I feel like I have a better understanding of what's going on and what they are doing to help rectify any issues we have."

    Gabrielle Jenkins On Balance Bookkeeping
  • "They're always very quick to respond when we have an issue and very, very patient with the fact that we're not technical at all. They've been so good at explaining things to us in terms we can understand and trying to educate with every problem that comes up, to help us try and identify things better the next time. The staff are such lovely and friendly people to deal with that it makes it very easy to work with them."

    Aimee Broome
    Aimee Broome Caring Support At Home
  • "Proactive saved me! The business I work for went offline and our current IT company ignored us. We called and a technician was at my workplace within half an hour and had both our offices running better than we ever have for a very long time."

    Brendan Bywaters
    Brendan Bywaters Harcourts Wantirna Real Estate
  • "We rate them highly as we love the personalised service they provide us. From Damien initially meeting us and understanding our business, this has tailored our service thereafter. The continuity of staff is good so we get to speak to familiar friendly people each time we pick up the phone. They are great at following up and prioritising us."

    Rhonda Bacon
    Rhonda Bacon Marlin Medical
  • "We would happily recommend them to others; we've used them for quite a while now and because of that, they've got an extensive knowledge of our business. They know our systems inside and out and what is required of them on a daily basis as well. Whenever we ask them to come out, they're happy to do so; we've never had any problems with their performance and the work they do for us is always spot on."

    Jane Mortimer
    Jane Mortimer First National Real Estate Ranges
  • "They always work really, really quickly, so whenever we have issues with the computers we know we'll be back up and running in no time at all. They actually want to get the problem solved; they don't just give it one shot and then leave it, they make sure it's resolved and doesn't happen again."

    Jessica George
    Jessica George Noel Jones Real Estate
  • "We recently moved office and Proactive IT helped a lot with the move. The other thing is, we have been with them for over 10 years now, so we have been loyal customers because we get good service. Everyone who works there is great; we have dealt with a few of them now and the 'Davids' have been an excellent help and they are always on call when I need."

    Anastasia Dermentzis
    Anastasia Dermentzis Belford Wealth Management
  • "Absolutely I would recommend the service. We haven't had any issues, when we have called upon them they have been there to help us. The knowledge they have is spot on and the speed of their service and follow-up means we don't experience any issues. It's an all rounder for them! It's great to know that we can count on them to be there for us when we need their assistance and they have proven time and time again that they are great to deal with."

    Frank Sesto
    Frank Sesto EnviroPrintGroup
  • "They do what they say. If we have a problem they always action it, if we have questions they always have an answer. If there is anything they cannot fix on the spot for whatever reason then they are efficient in letting us know and the time-frames involved. I can rely on them to complete their actions and haven't been required to chase them."

    Sharon David
    Sharon David Active Weighing Solutions
  • "I recommend them to everyone. We have a really good relationship with Damien. He always gives great service and they have really good attention to detail. Also, the quality of the hardware they keep us updated with has always been great and has never been a problem. They always follow up when I have asked for help and they get the job done really quickly."

    Michael Ramadan
    Michael Ramadan Michael Ramadan Podiatry
  • "I would have to say that I would recommend them for sure; their customer service has been amazing. Their availability is one of the key things we rely on. Whenever I have issues I know they will be able to help out to the best of their ability. They also look out for us and try to help us better our performance."

    Linda Blaich
    Linda Blaich Bluff Road Medical Centre
  • "They always deliver on results, so I have no issue recommending them to anyone else. I ask a lot of Proactive IT and I can honestly say that they always do a great job of sorting me out; they never get stuck on anything and it helps me so much having them on hand."

    David Ding
    David Ding DDL Partners
  • "We have found them to be really quick at investigating problems and they have gone out of their way to research areas for us. We respected the fact that during this process they weren't forcing products on us, they certainly had the opportunity to but this helped us rate them highly. Their research was put across in a knowledgeable fashion."

    Jenny Yeo
    Jenny Yeo Swansea Road Clinic
  • "I definitely would recommend them; I've actually got a background in IT myself, so I know good work when I see it. They're so great with their communication, always responding to any requests and making sure things are addressed as quickly as possible. We know we can rely on them for support any time and that's very important."

    Tass Dimitracopoulos
    Tass Dimitracopoulos Banner Asset Management
  • "I would rate them a ten for their knowledge and expertise; they always know what they're doing. Their responsiveness to things has always impressed me as well; they'll jump straight onto any problem we alert them to. They're even able to take care of things remotely, to save time on all fronts; it's always as efficient as it can be and I'm happy with that. They're always keeping us posted on what's on the horizon and what to look out for as well."

    Sue Langley
    Sue Langley Acacia Group Pty Ltd
  • "They are very prompt and always reply to us as soon as they can. It's pretty much immediately that they come back to us and respond with the appropriate feedback. They all seem to know what they're doing and provide the right kind of service for us. They've never fallen short on what they've delivered and that's good enough for us."

    Lynda Colahan
    Lynda Colahan Romano Property Group
  • "They just make things very simple for us and we know we can trust them with our systems. We've been working with them for so long now, they understand our business and can streamline any work they do for us. They've got great procedures in place, so all we have to do is pick up the phone and get a great response."

    Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy