5 Apps I Use To Hack My Productivity

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We are all busy people trying to squeeze more out of our work days. The saying “work smarter, not harder” is certainly apt; and technology makes it easier than ever to follow this advice.

There is an app to help us with every facet of our lives and the beauty is that many of these apps are free, or cost very little.

If you’re looking to get more out of your working day, here are my top 5 recommendations. These are apps that I use almost every day to improve my productivity and make my working day easier.


Evernote has been around for over 10 years and I’ve had an account for much of that time.

Evernote makes saving notes effortless on just about any device. For many professionals and casual web users, Evernote has become the ultimate note-taking and archiving tool of choice for collecting information, keeping it all neatly organised and even collaborating with others.

Among the things I use Evernote for are meeting notes, checklists, to-do lists, and ideas for my next article.

Evernote is free to start with and runs on all devices.


I stumbled onto Pocket earlier this year and I love it.

Pocket makes it easy to save web content for viewing later; and it lets you use tags so you can easily find your saved content. I use it a lot to save interesting articles both for my business and for my hobbies. Pocket will also recommend content that it thinks you might find interesting.

Once you have installed Pocket on all your devices, it syncs everything so you can access it from anywhere. Best of all, Pocket is free.


Zapier is not something that I directly use everyday but that’s what makes it so great because, once set up, Zapier works in the background to mak your life easier.

Zapier can connect to just about any cloud application and automate processes for you. For example, we have a “Zap”, that automatically adds people to our client email list when they are entered into our CRM. There was no direct integration between MailChimp and our CRM, nor was there a 3rd party tool, so Zapier automates what would have been a manual process performed by one of my team.

Zapier has a free account, but the US$20 per month plan is what you most likely will need; and it will repay itself several times over in saved productivity once implemented by automating those tasks that you might be doing manually unnecessarily.


I’ve talked about LastPass in a previous article. LastPass is how I maintain a unique strong password for every one of my online portals.

With LastPass I don’t have to worry about remembering passwords, and I don’t need to worry about my online security.

LastPass offers a free account, but their paid one is only US$12 per year; so I would highly recommend going with the paid account. LastPass also services teams; so you can keep your entire business’ online accounts safe as well.


For those of us who use social media in our business, it can be daunting trying to remember to post updates to our preferred networks. Hootsuite makes this easy by allowing you to schedule posts in advance.

Simply set up your schedule for the week and let Hootsuite do the rest. We use the free version of Hootsuite, so another great app that costs nothing.

What are you waiting for?

These 5 apps really help me to get more out of my day. I encourage you to see what areas of your life could be improved by using some simple apps. It’s definitely worth the upfront investment to spend some time, and often the apps themselves are free!

If you need some help with finding apps to supercharge your work day then you can contact the team at Proactive IT Solutions.

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